Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Aikido Action and Re-Action

I decided to do a more up tempo video. I'm learning how to edit faster and so I'm mixing in some old with some new. There are a couple of really good(I think) multiple attack sequences, one from the 1994 49er's demo and one from 1992's Osensei memorial training at the old Japantown dojo. I had some great ukes for those sequences, so I'd like to thank Sue Ann McKean, James Friedman, Harry Concepcion, Lou Bermingham, and Richard Paredes for some fast, focused, and energetic attacks.

I used "The Man Without Fear" from the movie Daredevil(one of my favorites. I am definitely NOT a man without fear, but when you're deep in a powerful flow, something else seems to take over. And I liked the unrelenting pace and rhythm of the song. I find that the music or song is the glue that holds everything together.

Aikido has a calm, deep, side, which can be expressed in dynamic movement. Kind of like being the calm center of a great storm. And a storm, while it can be unsettling, cleanses and helps bring things back into balance.


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