Monday, July 09, 2007

In the previous blog entry I tried to show a Paris by Night video, but it was in a slide show dvd format that youtube would not accept. So I re-did the entire thing, returning it to the original video footage. It was taken on my camcorder during a car ride through Paris by our gracious hosts. I will try to get the other one on youtube, as it has its own quality. So it is presented at the bottom of this blog.

I will be at the Santa Cruz Retreat July11th thru July 15th. There will be no Saturday am adult class due to the fact that my usual coverage were all teachers who wanted to go to the retreat. Again, this might be Anno sensei's last trip outside Japan, so please make it if possible. The other classes will go on as usual, so please continue to support the dojo in my absence with your training.

It has been a busy couple of months for me with the Europe trip in May, the Menlo College Retreat in June, and now the Santa Cruz Retreat. It has been a great time to re-new old relationships as well as have new experiences. Things should settle into a more normal pattern after the coming retreat.

I can't remember if I congratulated the Warriors on being THE story of the NBA post-season with their thrilling upset of No. 1 seed Dallas. Hopefully they will continue to evolve and change without losing what was a unique and spirited style of team play.

And even though the Giants season has been a disappointment, we have the story of Barry Bonds going for the home run record, which I am following. And remember, even if he breaks Aaron's record, he'll have to DH for several more years to break Sadaharu Oh's mark .


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