Monday, June 30, 2008

Aikido Demo plus 100degrees F.

On Thursday May 15th Aikido of San Jose gave an Aikido demonstration at the Peninsula Regent in San Mateo. TPR is run by none other than our own Maurice Gregoire,who assisted in the presentation. Others helping out were Steve Tsao and Michael Hayes. The temperature outside that day was 104 degrees. It was hot.

I knew that Tim Lincecum would be pitching for the Giants that day and bringing it close to 100 mph. But Mother Nature beat him on the radar gun that day. We had blue folding mats that were literally on fire. Even in socks we couldn't stay on the mat for longer than 10 seconds. So we did a lot of verbal presentation and fortunately there was a nice soft and cool(by comparison) lawn. Also, TPR provided a GREAT sound system, so the lecture given along with the movements was very clear. So I'm hoping you enjoy this clip. It is always nice to visit the people at TPR and special thanks to Maurice for setting it up and to Steve and Mike for helping out.


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