Friday, November 07, 2008

Frite Nite 2008

The photos above are from our annual dojo Frite Nite. It was held on Saturday October
25th. As you can see there were a variety of costumes. And there was a lot of food.

I've always wanted to dress up as Superman. Finally this year I got up the nerve to do it. Again, for general information, my favorite all-time Superman is Dean Cain, from the now classic series "Lois and Clark". Above I am pictured with Ninja and Bumblebee, who won awards for best boy costume and best girl costume. The winner of the best adult costume was Mike Brown's ingenius Joker in drag from the movie "The Dark Knight". When I access a photo worthy of it I will put it in a future blog. It was truly an eye opener.

Halloween is truly a lot of fun in that we get to outwardly play at the archetypes that are catching our attention. I was thinking about being Batman, which I did once at the old dojo in Japantown, but I thought the mask might get too hot. An intuitive(psychic) once told me that dressing up as Superman and either being photographed or sketched would be healing for me on many levels. I told her I would, then never did. Maybe there has finally been some healing with this past Halloween.

It wasn't Halloween, but I once saw in Shingu pictures of a dojo event with lots of kids where Hikitsuchi sensei donned a white wig and beard and seemed to be dressing up as Osensei. So maybe there is precedent for that. But my thought is that one had better be a 10th dan to don an Osensei costume.

Last year we watched the full moon swordsman flick "The Human Tarantula". This year the movie was "Iron Man". Andrew Le sent me the youtube links for "I'm a Marvel---I'm a DC" which are truly hilarious, featuring action figures of Batman and Iron Man and some really funny situations and dialogue.

Since due to my surgery I will be off the mat for a little bit, I'll try to catch up on my blogging. Just to let you all know, things with my left eye seem to be going fine. I plan to be off for a week and then see how things are.


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