Friday, September 18, 2009

Concert at Tenchi Aikido

The first weekend in August there was an aikido weekend at Tenchi Aikido in Sebastopol. It was hosted by Betsy Hill sensei and James Gauer. It included some dan tests, training, and some music. I have been playing along with Dennis Kyne after Saturday morning class and didn't want to miss a session. So Dennis was kind enough to attend the seminar so we could practice together. Since we had never done this for any sort of audience, it would be a good practice session for that as well.

Following the training on Saturday, he and I jammed probably for over an hour. It was very INFORMAL. People gathered outside and socialized while we played inside the dojo. A few brave souls came in and actually sat and listened. We got some very nice and kind comments about the music.

I enjoy the sessions with Dennis because I am able to play along with someone. I was able to do this with Ben Shuts earlier. And even earlier was able to meet and play along with Marianne Messina. Dennis is very talented and can give me a number of different looks to try to play along with. We will be playing for the 40th anniversary celebration/fundraiser on November 15. So if you would like a little preview..........

As you can see, Vlad was there. And my friend Dianna.

On another note, some of you remember Richard Paredes from the dojo's location in Japantown. I recently spoke with him over the phone. He was suffering from a serious case of liver failure. However, he received a transplant and is doing well.

Anyway, here is a video from the music session of the Sebastopol weekend:


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