Saturday, July 24, 2010

2 birthdays

Of course I didn't forget. Dame Diana Rigg's birthday was Tuesday July 20th. But then Kate Beckinsale's is just coming up, July 6th. 2 British actresses of different generations. In her Emma Peel incarnation Dame Diana was definitely my first love. And Kate in her Underworld movies is definitely my favorite actress(by far) of this generation. They are both strong women. Glamourous as well as beautiful. Intelligent and sexy.

I share powerful astrology with both. Dame Diana and I share a sun moon conjunction, her sun in cancer and my moon in cancer. Almost as powerful as sun/moon is venus/mars. Her venus in virgo and my mars in virgo conjunct. But her mars in cancer and my venus in cancer conjunct. Kate and I share a sun/moon conjunction, with her moon in Gemini and my sun in gemini conjucting. In an interesting aside Ueshiba Osensei's moon was also Gemini. Diana's cancer sun is conjuncted by Mars, giving her a lot of Mars energy. Kate's Mars is in its own sign of Aries which makes her also a very strong woman with a strong Mars. And her Mars is in my first house(identity). According to Andrea Mallis I get a lot of energy from her. I used to charge up quite a lot watching "Underworld Evolution".

It is not likely that I will in this life meet either of these women. Is it going to be Dame Kate in the future? As for Dame Diana she is 10 years older than I am. She has lead a very strong and iconoclastic life and has been a strong role model for me. She did not choose a "safe" life. The youtube video I chose is a very recent one which shows her at her present age. And she is still beautiful.


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