Thursday, May 05, 2011


During my teens my favorite Marvel superhero was Thor. And lo and behold the movie opens tomorrow. With a new universe coming in and Ragnarok waiting in the wings we've actually made it (or so it seems) to the opening of Thor. Lots of energy. 5 planets all lined up in Aries(energy, assertion, aggression). And on top of that on a dark moon the bin Laden slaying(thank you Andrea Mallis) . So a lot going on. And it seems fitting that with such planetary force in action we have the God of Thunder in movie form....

The cover I have showcased is from Journey into Mystery 101. It is perhaps my favorite comic book cover. Ever. A giant robot hand coming out of nowhere. A Lex Luthor look-alike on its palm. The God of Thunder whirling his mythical hammer ready for whatever may come......I loved the Shakespearean diaglog Stan Lee wrote. I loved the fact that he had a human side with a noticeable weakness(lame leg). And he had a majesty and power that could manifest in incredible anger, hence the storm god image. I have always thought that Susano no mikoto, the thunder/storm god of the Kojiki was the same archetype in a different mythology. And of course Susano was one of Osensei's major archetypes from the Japanese myths.....

I had a lot of trouble with his father Odin. Odin was always prying into Thor's private life(he was in love with his nurse) and messing around with Thor's power.....
I think Anthony Hopkins should be a great Odin. So as you can tell I am looking forward to the movie. I'll do a review after I've seen it.

I am including the second part of the recent demo at the Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival.


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