Sunday, December 29, 2019

New Year coming up

Well, it's a couple of days to New Year. We are on dojo break until Wednesday New Years Day when we will have our annual 11am-12:30pm training. Please attend and bring in the New Year right.

2019 saw the visit in September of Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba. I saw him last in 2014 when I went went to Japan to receive my last promotion. It is ironic that I was following the NFC title game on my phone and the 49ers lost to the Seahawks. As I write this they just won in Seattle to secure home field for the playoffs. The universe certainly does move around.

Elle and I had a vacation to Kauai in the summer.  In 2020 I would like to organize a training vacation on Kauai -  in the past I  have called it Aikido of Bali Hai, as the Bali Hai sequence in the movie South Pacific was shot on that island.. We have held previous trainings in 2016 and 2018. So let me know if you are interested. We alternate a training day with a vacation day and in the past has been 10 days. Elle will organize travel and lodgings. If you are interested, contact me, as we need to start scheduling now for the Summer .

In April we went with Laurin Herr to watch the opening of the Warriors playoff run. I have known him for over 46 years. Steph Curry scored around 40 points and grabbed 15 rebounds, unusual for a guard. Even though their quest for a threepeat fell a Curry 3 shot attempt short, the Warriors played like champions through injuries to Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. KD's departure and even more injuries, especially the one to Steph, has made the start of the current season a trainwreck. But even with a for now diminished roster and a lot of inexperienced youth, the team in adversity has continued to play with energy, and still has within it the championship spirit. I find it personally inspiring. I have refused to jump on the 49er bandwagon and still focus my attention on the Dubs.

Laurin is organizing a division 3 training at my dojo February 22nd. Along with Nadeau shihan and division 3 instructors, we will be celebrating my 50th year in Aikido! Our own Harry Concepcion sensei will be among those teaching. In addition to a class from Nadeau sensei, I will be giving a demonstration (Hoo no Embu) celebrating my 50 years. Please attend as it is not to be missed. The following day will be the semi-annual CAA meeting/lunch/training which we host at the San Jose dojo the last Sunday of each year. So a full weekend.

I am thinking of a theme for 2019. What comes to mind is "From Aikido to Takemusu Aiki" - going from the practice of technique to that level of being where training is creation, and the techniques spring forth spontaneously from internal pillars of intelligence/beauty/power/ and love. Heaven Earth Water Fire. Please join me, starting New Year's Day.....

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