Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sue Ann part 2

This second warrior show is set in the future. Androids have taken over and humanity must fight for its own existence. There is an unintentional similarity to the Terminator films. This was presented, I think, at the 1986 Russ Warner bodybuilding classic. People from the aikido community are present. Robert Nadeau presents the piece. Nick Scoggins plays the emperor of the androids. Elaine Yoder plays the capoeira assasin, John O'Connell the biker, Julio Toribio the karate killer, and Jason Yim the staff master. My daughter Jennifer, then age 8, and I were in the audience to see it live.

I believe Nadeau sensei conceived this project and even orchestrated the set effects. Even though this postdates the first Terminator film(1984) the line "You've ruined my toys!" precedes the great Jack Nicholson/Joker line from the first Batman film(1989): "Where does he get those wonderful toys?".

So, enjoy!!!!


and part2:


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