Thursday, July 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Dame Diana and Kate

Friday July 20th is the birthday of Dame Diana Rigg. I think of this date every year and it has grown upon me, even though I have never personally met her. I did see her in person once in the late '80's in San Francisco in "Love Letters" at the Curran Theater. Of course it is her role as Emma Peel in "The Avengers" that stands out to me. I sometimes wish she had been with the show another year or two, or that she had done more in films. The vast majority of her work has been on the stage and in England. So I haven't had the opportunity to catch it. Of course I have the complete Emma Peel mega set of dvds.
Next week on July26th is the birthday of another of my favorite actresses, Kate Beckinsale. They share in common that they are both British, auburn haired, tall, intelligent(Kate studied Russian and Russian Literature at Oxford). Astrologically they both have their Venus in the sign of Virgo, which conjuncts my Mars in that same sign. Of course Kate is in the Underworld films.

My wish for Diana is that there is love in her life and that she be in good health. For Kate I wish for an Underworld 3 and some good film roles. If I were casting another "Avengers" movie, I would put Kate in the role of Mrs. Peel.

I'm finally including for my blog the youtube video "Underworld Avengers". I thought it would be great fun to have them together in the same video. Again, Happy Birthday to my 2 favorite actresses:


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