Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sunday Shoot and more

Last Sunday myself and several members of the San Jose dojo took part in a film shoot in Kelly Park just outside the Japanese Friendship Gardens. Louis Fox, an old student of Nadeau sensei, brought a film crew and we shot for over 3 hours. Those representing the dojo were Harry Concepcion, James Johnson, Steve Tsao, and Shin Tsurushima. Louis had temporary access to a camera that could shoot in extreme slow motion.

So we gathered together to shoot some aikido that will hopefully in the future promote the art. Louis is working on a project tentatively called kamiwaza which will span sports, music, as well as our aikido section. He has already interviewed Phil Jackson, coach of the NBA champion Lakers and author of Sacred Hoops, a wonderful book combining basketball and spirituality.

So we were put in front of the camera. I've done several shoots before. We were featured in a George Chung movie entitled Hawkeye. I personally did a shoot with Sue Ann McKean in the '80's during her bodybuilding phase. It was just photos and shot in Cuesta Park in Mt View. More recently I did a shoot with Foster Gamble for his documentary to come entitled Thrive. We focused on the aikido chants and movements of the staff. It was very challenging in its own right.

We spent most of the shoot focusing on multiple attack. The camera would go for 10seconds at a time. The multiples were shot real fast. All out attack. In fact looking at them in real time it seemed things were artificially speeded up. Hopefully the slow motion sequences will come out well. We ended by doing some individual movements.

I want to thank the ukes. It was physically very demanding. They all took some strong hits but kept coming. There will be more to come as we prepare for the Raider half time show on Sunday Nov. 22nd.

Things are coming together on the fundraiser Nov. 15th. For particulars and updates, please click onto the following link:

I am including a video shot by Alex Kolbasov of the Japan town demo in September:


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