Monday, March 29, 2010

more shade and james robinson and avengers

I just wanted to say a couple of more words on James Robinson and Starman and the Shade character. The Shade as presented in the Starman saga was British. I always thought a young(Avengers age) Patrick Macnee would make a great Shade. Shade wore a top hat instead of a bowler hat and carried a cane at times instead of an umbrella. Macnee for all his stylishness has a coolness and even a dark side that would be great in the Shade character.

Another similarity between the Avengers and the Starman Robinson comics was that they could take place anywhere in time and space. Yes, London and Opal City were the major cities featured. But the stories could go into outer space, time travel, magic and psychic themes, explore movie themes. So they were both very imaginative. Robinson recently revealed that he is working on a Shade series. I hope it comes into fruition. And soon. But I would also like to see Jack Knight back in the DC universe with his cosmic rod.

And yesterday was the yearly anniversary of the Avengers first episode on American tv. It was the cybernauts and I found a clip of this episode on youtube. There was a martial arts fight scene between Mrs Peel and a woman black belt that is included in the clip. Some of the Japanese terms are incorrect or mispronounced, but I found the scene still riveting. So from March 28th, 1966, Thursday night, ABC tv(it took the time slot from Ben Casey) at 10pm here is that seminal fight scene. See, we can travel through time as well.


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