Thursday, September 09, 2010

Tiger's Song

Last week Dennis and I were playing and a new piece of music emerged. After I'd been with it for a couple of days, I realized it was a song for Tiger. So I assembled the photos of him I had, including one above that has not been posted yet online. And I remembered there were some great drawings done by my goddaughter Alison Byers that I had forgotten about. So I figured with the music as background and the photos and these extra drawings we could try to assemble a video.

It was quite a moving experience which brought me to tears on more than one occasion. But I felt the music fit the theme. And I added some text to fill out the experience. All in all I feel it came out quite well. I am very close to Lily. Yet Tiger and I have a bond that is still strong. I have felt him quite strongly recently. There is a lot going on the the finer planes of the universe(where he hangs out) and so his presence here is meaningful and indicative of that.The universe especially at the finer levels is going through a massive re-balancing. We are experiencing that here in the world of matter through economic changes, storms, earthquakes, and geologic activity.

So hopefully through all this Tiger will keep active and continue to visit.


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