Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Santa Cruz Retreat and more

The Santa Cruz Retreat was a very powerful experience for me this year. It was a chance to renew ties with very important people in my life:Anno sensei and of course Mary and Linda senseis. We all go back a long ways. I was able to do all of Anno sensei's classes and in addition caught him Tuesday night last week before he left for the airport. And I was able to make it to the airport to see him off. He seemed in great spirits. And it was nice to be able to see Linda and Mary senseis and there growth on the mat and of course spend time with dear friends.

The Saturday night birthday party for Anno sensei at the Cocoanut Grove was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. And it wasn't even my party. When I was very young my parents would very occasionally get a night off and out and go dancing there. I think my 20th high school reunion was also held there. But this occasion was very special. To see someone honored for over 50 years of training. To realize what a pivotal role he has played both in my aikido career and my life. To be able to see him able to bask in the glow of all this love and approval and support was very very special to me. I sincerely thank Linda Holiday sensei for arranging it and all those from her dojo who gave their time and energy to make this happen.

One of the other things I wanted to mention is that we have been invited to participate in an event this September 11(it is a Sunday). The event will be held in Ben Lomond at the Sequoia Center and will feature Eddie Gale and his Inner Peace Orchestra, us, and sensei Lou Bermingham and his artwork. So this will be an event combining music, art, and aikido and should be unforgettable. More on this as it develops. This is what Jane McGonigal, author of Reality is Broken, terms superstructing. This is where existing structures which are not connected interconnect, with the fusion breathing new life into each of them. There is the thought that the world as we know it economically, environmentally, socially may be winding down. One way of avoiding this is superstructing, bringing together disciplines and ways in such a manner as to renew the larger structure of everything. If you are a member of the San Jose dojo and would like to participate in some way please let me know.

And it wouldn't be July 19th without my wishing Dame Diana Rigg "Happy Birthday". Her birthday is tomorrow the 20th. Definitely one of the most influential people in my life. And on the 26th we can say Happy Birthday to Kate Beckinsale, who is my definite favorite among the younger actresses and shares many things in common with Dame Diana. Will we one day see Dame Kate as well?

And I would also like to thank my friend Dianna as well. It was wonderful to see her at the retreat.