Sunday, July 15, 2018

Catch Up Time

What a year so far. Had my 70th birthday last month. But I celebrated it with family yesterday in San Francisco. My sister Judy and my brother-in-law Brian hosted nieces, nephews, cousins in a Saturday afternoon barbecue. My daughter Jennifer, son-in-law Dover, and Nora were there too. I had a wonderful time.
Wednesday and Thursday I went to the Santa Cruz Retreat. Wednesday was a meeting for instructors. I taught a class on Thursday. What a moving time to re-connect with Robert Frager sensei, who started the UC Santa Cruz Aikido Club where I started, Linda  Holiday and Mary Heiny senseis who were such a part of my Japan experience in the early to late 1970's.

And we cannot forget the Golden State Warriors, who overcame injury, bad seeding in the play-offs, to reward us with another NBA title. This is such a rich story. Strength in Numbers. Teamwork.Creativity.
KD. Steph, Draymond, Klay playing through a knee injury, Andrei, Shaun.....Let us hope they inspire us in the dojo to pursue our inner championship, our winning over ourselves to pursue passionately excellence in all its forms.

June also saw Aikido of Bali Hai 2018. Journeying with me were David Eves, Lou Bermingham, Meng Ear, Melanie Baybayan, to the mythical island of Bali Hai, which in the film 'South Pacific' was shot on Kauai. We mixed a day of training with a day of vacation. We did more meditation and process work than 2 years ago. I'd like to do it next year. We'll try and organize it sooner and with advance planning make it available to more people.

In April we had our annual Osensei Revisited Weekend in Occidental. Nadeau sensei shared his memories of Osensei and his understanding of the Founder's process and Cosmology. It was a rich experience.. And if you haven't experienced the beauty of the forest of the CYO campgrounds please make a note to sign up for next year.

I am curently on Summer break from San Jose State. I am back teaching biginning and intermediate aikido through the kinesiology Department. It starts up again in August. So the next several weeks are precious.
I'll be trying to get back to more blogs and videos. Enjoy the Summer!