Monday, August 15, 2011

More on 911 event

The 911 event is coming closer in time. Initially I thought we were going to have a 60 minute segment to film. I found that it is closer to 30 minutes, which is much more manageable. We do need to start to organize that and we will soon. But I would like to share more thoughts on this event.

This is both a great honor and a great responsibility. It is a great honor because it is just for things like this that Ueshiba Osensei created the art of aikido. To help unite the world into one family. Peace must be based not on political leverage or military force but on the simple sense that we recognize the essential kinship to the planet that unqualifiably binds us together through a sense of oneness. Ie family. So to represent this art in such an event is an honor beyond belief. And for the same reason it is a great responsibility.

I included the picture of Eddie Gale and Anno sensei for the reason that both men in their own way represent this vision beautifully through their being. Anno sensei through his aikido and Eddie through his music. Just as being with Anno sensei one senses the depth of aikido in his being, one on meeting Eddie Gale can feel how music permeates his being. And it is beautiful loving music.

One way you can support the event is by purchasing a ticket and attending. It is a $50 commitment but this will go towards a scholarship fund at San Jose State University. Eddie Gale is commited to supporting inner city youth in their development through music and just helping in this way may nurture someone who can change the planet. One never knows what wheels can be set in motion by one's choices.
If you do not feel you can attend the event one can make a donation to help create a scholarship for someone who could otherwise not attend to go. If you contact me at the donation can even be tax deductible.

The event will be held at the Sequoia Center in Ben Lomond. Just being there will change your mood. It is a power spot, ie a location which at the same time energizes and calms. Set beautifully amidst the redwoods just getting out there is something else. Both Frank Silvey and I made a trip out there and it is one we will not forget.
There will be an hour concert by Eddie Gale and his Inner Peace Orchestra in addition to our demo and a showing of sensei Lou Bermingham's art work. You might have caught his recent show at the Triton Museum.

More on this event as we proceed forward. I am including a youtube video describing the event:


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