Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween and Other stuff

We had our annual Halloween Party last night. It was a small but very spirited gathering. I want to thank Mike Driscoll and Sean Feurtado for their assistance. I think everybody had a great time. My costume for this year was Green Lantern. I got a Lantern and Ring from Atlantis Fantasy World in Santa Cruz.

We are still moving towards our November 13th fundraiser/training. Again we will be holding a raffle during the post training social gathering. So if you have anything or any service you would like to donate, please come forward. Frank Silvey will be organizing this.

November 11 will be the premier date for an important film and documentary produced by a longtime friend, Foster Gamble. "Thrive" is set to premier not only in theaters but also streaming online on 11/11/11. This is a very important film tying such things together as UFOs, conspiracy theories, global ecomonics, infinite free energy sources.....I don't want to make this sound frivolous at all. It is important and please at least check in online. The website is . I shot some footage for the film in 2006. While I did not make the film, some footage will be on the dvd and the website.

The just concluded World Series was bittersweet. The Giants with better health and the off-season acquisition of a big bat could have beaten either the Cardinals or the Rangers..

And the 49ers have been a revelation. It is great to see this team with such an illustrious tradition headed back in a good direction. With today's win they are 6-1.
Before this season Andrea Mallis( predicted that Alex Smith would be better(he has a favorable Jupiter) and he has. The touchdown pass against the Lions 4th and goal at the 6 yard line was a defining moment. I have always liked him personally and am glad for his success.. Hope both his and the team's continue.

I just finished a new video which was shot at the October 1st Spirit of Japantown demo. I want to thank Meng, Steve, Shin, and Yu-Chen for their participation. And Frank Silvey for shooting it.


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