Monday, March 26, 2012

Emma Peel

Wednesday March 28th will be the the 46th anniversary of the American television premiere of the British series "The Avengers". I remember vaguely in some cross over with both the DC and the Marvel Universes converging the Flash of the DC Justice League upon learning that the Superhero team of the Marvel universe was the Avengers,asked:"Where is Mrs Peel?" A good question. Mrs. Peel lives on in the dvds of the series, I'm sure on cable tv, and certainly in the heart of Dame Diana Rigg.
In fact last week was the 44 anniversary of her departure from the series in her last episode,"The Forget Me Knot"......

Of course the strength of the series was that both she and her partner, John Steed(Patrick Macnee) were equals. But in the sixties her role was revolutionary, a woman who was beautiful, powerful, intelligent, and sexy. Have I left anything else out? And to contrast her with Macnee's very traditional British male with equal parts gentleman, rogue, and dandy.....Well it was and still to this day is a memorable mix. And as you can see I carried her in my heart to Japan on the 2006 visit and she was with senseis Lou and Frank and myself on our visit to the Hongu Grand Shrine.

The fight scenes in the show were my initial reason for going into martial arts. And the main characters had a rather for the time unconventional relationship to which I think I have always aspired. And TV Guide declared Diana Rigg's Mrs Peel the sexiest TV character of all time. She is still a woman ahead of her time.

The following video was shown during the beginning years of MTV. I was always told about it but I had never seen it until recently. I identify with the man in the video. I have been chasing her my whole life. And now through the magic of Youtube:


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