Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fundraiser, Niners, and More

The Fundraiser/Training went well. We had a solid turnout for the training and the donations continue to come in even after the event. I think we have at least made a sizeable dent in this year's power bill. I want to thank Linda Holiday sensei for teaching a wonderful class and bringing a warm and vibrant energy to the class. Ditto Harry and Dianna sensei's. A good time was had by all attending. My one regret is that Vladi was unable to attend. And remember that Dianna is teaching iaido on an ongoing basis at the San Jose dojo so if you are interested in regular ongoing instruction that is possible.

Last Friday night I attended the premier of Foster Gamble's "Thrive" in Richmond. I had earlier attended a private showing. But seeing it on the big screen was quite a thrill. If you would like to see the film you may stream it for a modest $5 at the website: I bought a dvd and will sometime soon try to do a dojo showing of the film which is feel is quite important. As evidenced by the Occupy Wall Street movements we are facing a meltdown of our economic systems as well as other major systems. Foster presents both a frighteningly informative at the same time hopeful film dealing with what is going on.

A lot of Foster's film details how everything is programmed not only to survive but to thrive. A great local example is the current 8-1 49ers. Those following the team in recent years have found much frustration and little hope. But with the addition of a new head coach(Jim Harbaugh), a virtually new coaching staff, some very timely free agent acquisitions, basically the same team as last year is thriving. It is somewhat similar so far to the Giants of 2010. That team had dominant pitching and timely offense. The 49ers have dominant defense and special teams and a so far timely offense. Regardless of the remaining games it is obvious to all that last years play hard but mistake prone and disappointing team has transformed into a no-excuses accountable tough intelligent joy to follow.

And nowhere has this change been more evident than in the quarterback. Alex Smith has played intelligent almost mistake-free football and when called upon has made the big plays. Quite a contrast to his old image of failure, disappointment, and being the object of fans' disappointment and ridicule. This change has been major. Basically even though I was disappointed in his play I always liked him as a person. So I am more than willing to admit I was mistaken about him and that we can only wonder how far this transformation will go. A dream would be Niners vs Packers for the NFC title game. Aaron Rodgers(Whom I wanted the Niners to draft) vs Smith(whom I didn't want). But for all Rodgers brilliance, how can his story match that of Smith?
This is like the Rocky films. Something weak and flawed inside ourselves that is transformed into strength. It is the stuff of wonder. Last season when the Niners were 0-5 I texted a student that the Niners would be 0-6 and that Jim Harbaugh would be the next head coach. I was one for two.

This video was shot outside Tenchi Aikido in Sebastopol. The song is the classic "All the Things You Are"........


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