Friday, October 12, 2012

Go Giants!

I must say that I lost faith. Losing the first 2 games at home. Leaving Timmy out of the playoff rotation.Offense again offensive..........But lo and behold. We go forward. In retrospect there is the serendipity factor. The Giants just weren't going to win either of their home games. So Timmy was available to play a great and vital role in game 4. Even though Zito deserved a start he is not someone who inspires a lot of trust, especially in the Reds' ballpark and against a power hitting team. So having Timmy there in that vital game was a stroke of genius by Bochy, if in fact this isn't just blind luck. The Giants do not make the post season without Zito and his 15 wins. And Timmy had a horrendous first half before rebounding with a strong second half. So both were vital in the Giants being where they are not. Andrea Mallis pretty much called this. Zito has Pluto(power) in his 10th house(career) meaning this was forseen by our Sports Astrologist. A good year for Zito in 2012. And Timmy is a Gemini who had Saturn(misfortune) on his Sun the first half but had Jupiter(good fortune) coming into his sun in the second and in the playoffs. So Andrea called them both. As I write this it is not known which team they will face. Both the Nationals and the Cardinals present problems. And in their championship season two years ago they struggled to get past the Braves before hitting their stride against the Phillies and the Rangers. This year's team lacks the dominant starting pitching of that team. And it lacks a real power arm in the closer spot because of Brian Wilson's injury. But Sergio Romo has that beard and a wicked slider, and the rest of the relievers have been clutch.
That 2010 team got offense out of some surprising players(Ross, Renteria, Uribe, Huff)...This year's offense has better hitters but has been inconsistent. So if we win again it will be with a different formula.But go Giants!

And I would be remiss if I did not mention the great experience the A's gave us. 2 teams on the brink of first round elimination. I watched the Coco Crisp game winner Wednesday night at a restaurant. And I watched the last few innings of last nights elimination also. Improbable. Surprising. Magical. It was touching how in defeat last nights crowd literally overpowered the Tigers' celebration. The love and support that flowed out of the crown was very touching. We have wonderful fans here in the bay area....Go A's...Maybe another Bay Bridge series next year...Sorry....I'm still a Giants' fan....

Here is a video I did recently with another song by Earla Porch, who is a very special talent who sang with the great Chet Baker:


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Let me tell you - it's not easy being a Tiger's fan!

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