Friday, July 21, 2006

of midsummer movies &Superhero archetypes

Time to post my opinions on several summer films. "Superman Returns" has both thumbs up from me. I was initially afraid that I would like it, but not really really like it. Since Superman is an important symbol to me, the thought that it would in anyway be disappointing was very disturbing. I feared that it might get lost between trying to be to faithful to the Christopher Reeves films and being too revisionist(Lois Lane as a single mom). However, what I got was a film that was extremely respectful of the source material and at the same time it added some great touches for today. I thought Brandon Routh was a great Superman, and, more importantly, played a wonderful Clark Kent. For the record, my all-time favorite Superman is not Christopher Reeves, but Dean Cain of "Lois and Clark", and it's not even close. Somehow having Superman played by someone who is one quarter Japanese gave me a tremendous amount of energy. Brandon Routh is in second place after Dean Cain on my list.

"My Superex-girlfriend" is much better than the reviews. Uma Thurman is excellent as G-Girl(what does the G stand for?) and as the neurotic Jenny Jackson. The flying and superhero effects are excellent. Whereas Superman does use his super senses to check on Lois, this is taken to hilarious extremes in this film. Even though this is all done as a comedy, are we all that comfortable with poweful women or with some of the deeper aspects of feminine power?


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