Friday, July 14, 2006

Sunday, July 2nd

Up early. Finish packing and shower. Blood sugar high(180). Must have been the 2 beers. Buffet breakfast. Checkout. Taxi to Shingu station. Yanase sensei and Anno sensei come to see us off. This is a very old tradition from the early '70's, and it is wonderful to see them both. 8:34 am train to Osaka. We wave good-bye.........

Robert and Katja Nadeau for organizing and leading the trip.
Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba for his kindness and encouragement.
Anno sensei for his warmth and sharing of knowledge.
Yanase sensei for being so vital and energetic.
Laurin Herr for his excellent translation and for being a good friend.
Ishimoto, Sugawa, and Hine senseis for their welcome and assistance in getting us around.
New Shihan of the Shingu dojo: Tasaka, Nishi, Kuribayashi, and Suzuki for coming out to see and old training partner.
Lou Bermingham, Frank Silvey, Steve Tsao, Alex Kolbasov who represented the San Jose dojo.
Rob Leichner who represented Aikido West.
and Mike Driscoll who helped me with some very heavy luggage along the way. Hikitsuchi sensei would have probably said that he was doing the work of the kami


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