Sunday, November 11, 2007

Old Friends

The first half of November has been full of renewing conncections with old friends. Friday November 2nd I went to the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology to attend Bob Frager's 50th anniversary of being in martial arts. He gave a very spirited enbu(demonstration)as well as a very moving talk, which featured stories about Osensei, Moshe Feldendrais, Anno sensei, Master Choy and others. There is a film entitled "Meetings with Remarkable Men" by Peter Brook based on the life of Gurdjieff. I've always thought Frager sensei's life could share the same title. I've always wanted to see the film but I've always seemed to miss it. I'm glad that I have not missed being a part of Bob Frager's life. In addition to the Frager celebration, I got a chance to spend time with two dear friends as well. I got to spend the afternoon with Beth Tabakin. And I got to talk to Sue Ann McKean over a late dinner. It was so special to see them both. There was a Mike Collins siting. He was out and about and was able to attend the Frager Celebration. It was nice to see him

This past weekend was spent at black belt exams and a teaching gig in Sebastopol at Betsy Hill sensei's dojo, Tenchi Aikido. On route I was able to see my friend Della, whom I met on the way to Iwama during last years Japan trip. Andrew Wagner took a very fine shodan exam, and the training Saturday was really fun. And there was the rain to make everything even more interesting. It was special to hang out with Betsy and her partner, James. Incidentally, Betsy is the first person I ever met in Aikido. She was manning the Aikido Club booth at UC Santa Cruz before a demonstration by Robert Frager and Robert Nadeau that kicked off the campus Aikido club and ignited my aikido career. It was also nice to see Mary McLean sensei, who has re-opened her dojo, Centerfield Aikido.

It continues to be a busy fall, with dan exams at ASJ on Saturday, Dec. 1st. The day will start with training from 11am to 12:30pm, then exams starting at 1pm.


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