Saturday, January 02, 2010

More Happy New Year

Well we are now officially into 2010. I remember New Years Eve of 1999 and the entrance into the 21st century. And now we are a decade into that century. I remember I trained at Aikido of Santa Cruz. I was living in the Santa Cruz mountains at that time. And I watched an Avengers episode, "Escape in Time", which was about time travel. Appropriate. It seems we are in a time machine inexorably careening into the future faster and faster.

It seems no less significant to be heading into the second decade of a century that seemed so distant when I was a little boy. Literally the stuff of science fiction. Yet here we are. The dojo will begin regular classes on Monday the 4th. I will be here for the first official class of the New Year at noon. And I'm looking forward to a year hopefully of training and growth for everybody.

And we are all facing challenges as we all move forward. Hopefully we will all progress forward together in our endeavors. The year ahead looks busy. I will be teaching a couple of times a month at City Aikido on Sundays in San Francisco. Nadeau sensei and I are waiting till after the John Stevens event in Mt View to start. More on that as it becomes clearer. And I will be a attending the Summer Retreat in Menlo College in June, as well as being a part of the Santa Cruz Summer Retreat in July. And I'm sure other things will crop up as well.

I had a wonderful year end conversation with Artt Frank and his wife Lisa. Artt was Chet Baker's closest friend. And he had some nice things to say about some music I sent him through the mail. I had a wonderful New years Day in San Francisco with my sister and family.

I finally got the video that was shot of the Oakland Raider demo on November 22nd. And I uploaded it onto Youtube. So here it is:


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