Sunday, September 19, 2010


My first Giants game was sometime in 1959. So it would have been at Seals Stadium. Candlestick Park came in 1960. I remember the Giants were trailing in the late innings and someone named Dave Philly hit a 3 run pinch hit home run to win it for the Giants. I remember seeing Willie Mays. Orlando Cepeda. Willie McCovey. I went with my Dad and a couple of Uncles. And my most memorable moment was probably seeing this very distinguished man in a suit signing autographs. My uncle told me,"That's Joe DiMaggio."

So I've been a baseball and Giants fan ever since. Still waiting for a world series championship. I remember 1962 when Willie McCovey's line drive was caught and the Giants lost to the Yankees. The most poignant moment might have been the disappointment of 2002. I was in my car in the Santa Cruz mountains with the Giants leading 5-0 over the Angels and poised for a downtown parade only to suffer car trouble. By the time triple A came and started my car battery the Giants had coughed it up and lost the next day in game 7.

But this season has been a pleasant surprise. One thing about baseball is that it is 6 months and there are many highs and lows. The Giants as I write this are in first place by half a game.(My mom always questioned how a half game could exist.) I've given them up for dead more times than I would like to admit only to see them resurrect. That has been their defining factor: the ability to come back from adversity and disappointment. And what a great story. A team that has been down for awhile and linked to the controversial Bonds years. Lincecum. Cain. Posey. Bochy showing he is nobody's fool and a top manager. Sabean after some questionable years bringing in some top hitting talent for the stretch run. So seeing change. New faces and talents coming forth bringing new energy. It has been an exciting year so far. And it promises more thrills and/or disappointments.

One of my favorite Giants is Jonathan Sanchez. During the '60's I heard no-hitters from Juan Marichal and Gaylord Perry. And after that many disappointments. I remember following Scott Garrelts lose his in the 9th inning to I believe the Cincinati Reds. So last year I remember following the first part of Sanchez' no-hitter online. I switched to radio and still remember John Miller's call"struck him out looking on a curve ball!". So he finally delivered on a no-hitter and it was a delicious moment.

So I'm gearing for hopefully some post season action. One thing I really enjoy on the weekends is listening to the post game show with Marty Lurie. Occasionally my astrologist Andrea Mallis( will appear on the show explaining why certain players are doing well from an astrological perspective. But Marty treats his callers with such respect and shows such deep love for baseball and its history it is a pleasure to listen to him. One caller labelled his show the "Late Night Party with Marty" as he has been known to go well past 10pm on days with an afternoon game. In fact as I write this blog I am catching the end of his show. Go Giants!


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