Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Victory Parade

2 Years ago when the Giants surprised the baseball universe by bringing their first  World Series title to the bay area, I was thinking about going to the parade in the city. I decided instead to visit my Dad's grave in Watsonville to spend time with him. And it was a very moving experience. I followed much of the festivities on KNBR radio so I got to there what was going on.  My Dad was a die hard Giants fan. He crossed over in 1994. He was there for Bobby Richardson's catch of McCovey's World Series line drive in 1962. There was the disappointment of the 1989 earthquake World Series loss to the A's. In 1993 he got to see a 103 win Giant team miss the postseason pre-wild card. But the Giants were his team. I remember he took me in 1959 to Seals Stadium for my first Giants game. I was eleven. And we would hit a game or two a year until I got to college. He was a landscape architect and worked outside a lot. So he would have a transister radio connected to earphones and follow the day games that way. There was very little tv in those days. Just weekend games usually featuring the Yankees.

So he missed the last two championships. I think he would have loved this current Giant team. He loved speed and defense and this team won on speed and defense. I think I have always preferred the quick dramatic strike of a home run. He is buried in Watsonville along with my Mom, and my Grandparents on her side. So today was a chance to spend time with my memories of each. Sometimes it is important to connect to your roots. Especially since they have been gone for awhile, my Mom in 1975 and my Dad in 1994, I tend to just get caught up in the moment. But we are each shaped by our memories and our parents are so responsible for those.....My grandmother died when I was quite young. Although I was supposedly too young to remember, I have a fleeting memory of her passing. My grandfather and I used to talk in Japanese and he would tell me stories of Miyamoto Musashi and the great samurai warriors of Japan's history. So there were quite a few memories that came up today. And just driving there to the cemetary I remember the roads my Dad and I would take on some drives. It was quite an experience and good to get out of my normal day to day.

When I would go with Hikitsuchi sensei to Osensei's grave he would always clean the grave and pull out the weeds next to the grave. So I always do that when I go. And I am thankful to him that he passed this on to me......I saw one Giants championship banner put into one of the flower pots at one of the other graves.......Maybe I'll buy one and take it with me soon......

This was quite a run that the Giants made. Two series where they had to win 3 elimination games to go on. Then facing supposedly an invincible team in the Tigers and sweeping them in 4 games. Tonight by chance happened to be the opening of the Warrior season. In 1975 the Warriors won 2 hardfaught playoff series, the first against the then Seattle Supersonics and the second against the before Michael Jordan but still formidable Chicago Bulls. They were heavy underdogs yet won both. Then they faced a Super team in the Washington Bullets(now Wizards) that had dominated them in the regular season. The Warriors of '75 also swept the invincible foe. My mom by the way was a Warrior fan and really followed the great Rick Barry.
So we have seen this before but not recently.

This 2012 Giants playoff run saw many things. A key bunt that stayed fair. A ball hit 3 times by a broken bat that eluded the infielders and brought in crucial runs, countless great defensive plays. But the Giants played almost text book baseball defensively, getting runners in scoring position and delivering. And in the World Series they got an explosive start by Sandoval hitting a record tying 3 home runs. And this team showed such spirit by playing not only with each other but for each other. I  must admit the two 2-0 games in games 2 and 3 were classic Giants torture.....And the final win happened almost as if scripted.......But great moments in sports are that way. Great players and teams realize that they are architects of their own destiny. And in great moments such as those we experienced this past week plus the players and teams are almost creators.......
So here's hoping the Giants continue their run and we get more........

Go Giants!


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Congratulations to the Giants. They played far better than the Tigers.

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