Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Musings

 This being Valentine's Day eve just a few thoughts. Like most of the Bay Area I am just getting over post Super Bowl Depression. So close and yet ultimately not meant to be. At least this year. But the 49ers played their hearts out and gave us one of the most memorable games in their history. If the lights had gone out sooner, which seemed to activate them, we would have won. But credit to the Ravens and to brother John.

A couple of years ago the Warriors were on a brief mini run and beat the Lakers in LA. Kobe Bryants comment was great:"These guys are the Phoenix Suns on steroids!" Well by that Colin Kaepernick may eventually be 'Joe Montana on steroids'.......

Speaking of the Warriors it seems the 49er loss has as we  write pulled them down as well. But the season nevertheless has been a real feel good story for Bay Area sports. And of course we have the World Series Champions locally in our Giants so let's not get too greedy.

Dojo wise I want to thank everyone for their support in helping us to cover the 2012 PG and E bill. And also for the wonderful support shown for Mary Heiny sensei's annual visit to our dojo earlier this month. Next month on March 20th we will be hosting Kinoshita sensei in the same manner as Mary sensei. It is a seminar class so there will be a charge for it. But sliding scale fine and scholarships can be worked out for those who otherwise could not afford it. Kinoshita sensei is the successor to Abe sensei's lineage. Abe sensei taught a couple of great seminars for us in the early nineties and donated the Osensei calligraphy that is our shomen in the dojo.....

Last year Dennis and I did a version of "My Funny Valentine" that was well received, so we did another one this year. Last year's version was more of an up tempo swing version of it. The song is meant to be a ballad. What I found is that the slower ballad style is much tougher. Artt Frank has been trying to get me to play slower and with longer notes. While that would seem easier there is just so much space between notes you can just get lost in the space. So this is 2013's version. Hope you enjoy it.......


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