Tuesday, April 03, 2007

more Switzerland and still more Thor

More on the Switzerland possibility. I talked with Linda Holiday sensei last night. We would be initially at Biel, where Anno sensei would be teaching a seminar at a sports center. After the seminar we would be at the highest mountain in Europe, Mt. Blanc, where we would drop in on a seminar on Native American Shamanism. Mt Blanc apparently interfaces Switzrland, France, and Italy, so we would have an opportunity to spend the last couple of days visiting somewhere memorable.

To get the full scoop on this, please read the previous blog entry. I want to thank the students who have already made donations to the non-profit(see Takemusu Shinbuden on blog title page or at www.aikidosj.com, the dojo website.)

I am also including a video from youtube in which Stan Lee gives a little history on his creation of the Thor Marvel character. Whereas the animation is very primitive, much of it is directly from the art work of the incredible Jack Kirby.


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