Saturday, October 16, 2010

Giants Again

The Giants continue their unlikely post-season run. Winning the opener of the NLCS in Philadelphia 4-3 was in typical Giants fashion:torture. This is certainly an unforseen very fun time. Again, this is the most fun we've had since the "We Believe" Warriors of '07. But let us hope they are more like the '74-75 NBA championship Warriors who swept the heavily favored Washington Bullets.

A must win every game September was torture for both the team and the fans. But both the team and its fans have been forged for the post-season. All the one run games have honed the team and its fans to never give up. I must say even I, who have always played "The Giants always break your heart" card, know that this team is special. As a fan I've followed the young player they have brought up: Lincecum, Posey, Sanchez, Cain, Baumgartner,and Wilson and it is just great to see them on a major, major stage.

And to see Burrill, Huff, Ross do what they have done is just fun...Wilson has evolved from a closer who always made things too interesting to a guy we trust and rely on. Lincecum for all his struggles in August seems to have transformed from Sandy Koufax to Juan Marichal. People don't remember, but Marichal could throw heat as well.

Of course there is still a lot of baseball to go. But regardless of outcome, it is just refreshing and renewing to see something that seems to come out of nothing. And this team took me by surprise. But the experience of , as Marty Lurie said, seeing this team grow up before our very eyes,has been very moving. And we still don't know where this can go. Sometimes when a team has sustained success the fans grow jaded. So when things are new there is a sense of wonder to what is going on. And that is very fun. Go Giants!


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