Monday, April 09, 2007

Anno sensei & more Switzerland

I want to thank all of you who have donated to make the trip to Switzerland a reality. Things are moving along well and quickly on that front. As more things become clear they will appear in this blog. And since the major reason for going is to see Anno sensei, I thought I'd finally do a blog thatI have been thinking about for a long time.

I first met him when I initially arrived in Shingu in April of 1973. Hikitsuchi sensei had arranged for a private session with him at the dojo. The night before, which was my first class in the area, I had been beaten up by one of the younger instructors at his mountain dojo. It turned out I was the only person who was there for the session .I didn't know what to expect, given what had happened the night before. He was very relaxed and understated. He wore a white belt instead of a black belt(he was 7th dan at the time). He didn't even put on his hakama. I remember the initial movement was ai dori irimi nage. He moved behind me into my blind angle. Then, the only thing i can say is that he moved, and I was in some strange way compelled to move as well. It was wonderful training and very different from the night before.

I remember that by and large the training with him, though vigorious and very demanding, was joyful and full of beauty. He worked very large opening spirals and did lot of spins. One night after a ceremony in the dojo, I remember he wore out 4 or 5 or maybe more of the black belts on shomen uchi irimi nage. He was like an energy tornado.

He taughta couple of summer seminars at the old Japantown dojo in the early '90's. Then I sort of went another direction. When Linda Holiday sensei brought him over in 1999, we re-connected. The following video was shot in late(November or so) 1973. And it was shot after the evening class. I hope you enjoy it.


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